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Navajo Rugs - A Navajo legend credits a deity named Spider Woman with teaching them weaving. The first loom was said to be of sky and earth cords with tools of sunlight, lightning, white shell, and crystal. In reality, Pueblo Indians taught the Navajos how to weave.

The Pueblo people of Northern New Mexico were cultivating cotton around 1300 AD, which they used for weaving. They practiced finger weaving, and had also learned the use of the backstrap loom from Mexican Indian tribes.

Weaving was a man's activity in most pueblos. They wove in the kiva, or ceremonial room, a cramped space that inspired the invention of the upright loom. The arrival of the Spaniards and their Churro sheep in the 16th century led to a change from cotton to wool as weaving material for the Pueblo Indians as well as the Navajos, who learned the technique from their neighbors in the late 1600s. The Spanish also introduced indigo (blue) dye and simple stripe patterning.

If your Navajo Rug needs help, go to this page for care, cleaning and repair.

Caring for your Navajo Rugs

More Navajo Rug Info:

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Toadlena Trading Post operates in the same way trading posts have since the 1870s—directly with the weaver and her family. You are offered the unique opportunity to acquire a textile of timeless beauty, acknowledged excellence and lasting value.

The Navajo weaver is following the “Path of Beauty” with a skill passed down from Spider Woman. We invite you to visit the Toadlena Trading Post in New Mexico or follow the progress of the weavers on our web site.

Sincerely yours,

The Toadlena Trading Post

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A Great Site!

Weaving in Beauty - is dedicated to expanding the appreciation and
knowledge of the textiles of the Navajo people of what is now the southwestern United States. As a business, we offer cleaning, repair and appraisal of Navajo textiles and we coordinate classes in Navajo techniques to help others learn to weave. As part of the community of Navajo weaving, we provide a forum for discussion of the people, techniques and events encompassing this evolving art form.

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Garland's Rugs

Located in the beautiful Red Rock Country of Sedona, Arizona,
Garland's Navajo Rugs is the home of the finest selection of authentic Indian Arts and Crafts, including hand carved Hopi Kachina Dolls, Navajo Sandpaintings, Pueblo Pottery, hand woven Baskets, and the finest selection of Navajo Rugs in the world. Woven by the most sought-after Navajo weavers, our fine collection of Navajo rugs includes an extensive selection of hard-to-find large floor rugs and colorful blankets from the past

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Navajo Rug Repair Co.
Quality Navajo Rug Repair, Appraisal and Cleaning. Navajo rugs, Oriental Rugs, Zapotec Rugs and Chimayo Weavings

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Native American Jewelry Breaker

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