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Dealing with Indian Traders!

American Indian Traders are like all other business people, they are in business mainly to make money. However, trading in the Native American Indian world and in Indian Art is not a typical contemporary type of business. Dealing in Native American Indian goods is a niche market and Indian Traders mainly deal in circles of people that are collectors and/or have a relationship of sort with the Native American Indian community.

There are many trade shows that Indian Traders attend to market their goods. This is a great place to find American Indian items. The new marketplace is the Internet and you can find some really great American Indian items on the Internet. WARNING! If you buy Native American Indian items on the Internet and they are being shipped from Hong Kong or some other place in the world, you are probibly not getting authentic Native American Indian items.

If you are wanting authentic American Indian items, do your homework! Buy from American Indian Traders and especially ones that their business is located in Indian Country.

>We own and operate Durango Silver Company, located at We have been Traders to the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni and multiple other Native American Indians for over 37 years. Our family has collected Antique American Indian items for over 45 years an our family is originally from the Southwest United States. You can trust Durango Silver Company and we stand behind our word.

Durango Silver Company is very selective about the jewelry we offer to our customers and guarantee its quality. We use the highest quality of Turquoise, Lapis, Coral and gemstones. We only use sterling silver and 14 + kt gold in our jewelry and inspect each piece before offering it to the public. Our old pawn jewelry is often made from coin silver.

Western Silver Information | Durango Silver Co.

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