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Turquoise Jewelry

Handmade sterling silver Turquoise Jewelry - natural american turquoise - native american jewelry

Turquoise Jewelry by Native American Artists

Turquoise Jewelry in known to have been made before the birth of Christ, in fact over 5000 years before Christ. Ancient Egyptians discovered Turquoise around 5,500 B.C. and the making of Turquoise Jewelry began shortly after. The use of Turquoise in Silver by Native American Indians began around 1865 when a Navajo Blacksmith name Atsidi Sani learned how to work with silver from the Spaniards that were in the American Southwest in search of Silver and Gold.

In purchasing Turquoise Jewelry, you must first define what you are interested in. Because you have come to Indian Village, we will assume that you are interested in Native American Indian Turquoise Jewelry from the American Southwest.

Native American Turquoise Jewelry

Native American Turquoise Jewelry is some of the most unusual Jewelry made in the world. Southwestern Artisans are from a unique area of the world and have had an unusual way of life in the past. Their Jewelry has a natural holistic appearance that many people connect with. Silver is a wonderful precious metal and Turquoise is the skystone put on earth by the great ones above, there is nothing like a piece of Native American Indian Turquoise Jewelry. It is very important to the natives that genuine Silver and authentic Turquoise is used in their Jewelry and it should be to you to.

Quality Authentic Native American Jewelry is becoming harder to find as time goes on. The American Indian youngsters are not following their parents footsteps so much anymore. If you are concerned that you are getting authentic American Indian Jewelry you must be able to trust whom you are buying it from.

Gold and Blue Gem Turquoise Inlay Jewelry

As Southwest, (Anglo/Mexican-American,) and Native American Indian Jewelry designs have become very popular, there are many imposters making copies of these designs in China, the Philippines, Korea, Mexico and elsewhere. A large percentage of the Jewelry they copy is Navajo inlaid Turquoise Jewelry, Zuni petty point and needlepoint designs. The import Turquoise Jewelry is pleasing to the eye, however, this type of Jewelry is, most often, not the quality of handmade Turquoise Jewelry from the American Southwest.

Green Turquoise Jewelry

If your are just looking for the look and are not concerned about the quality, you can find imported Jewelry made with Turquoise looking stones, (most often not real Turquoise,) in you local department stores, on TV Shopping Networks, and on the World Wide Web. Buyer Beware!, most often import Turquoise Jewelry is not made with genuine Sterling Silver or genuine Turquoise.

If you are interested in high quality Turquoise Jewelry from The American Southwest, the most important thing you should do is look for and buy from a reputable dealer of authentic Native American Turquoise Jewelry. A qualified dealer in American Turquoise Jewelry will be happy to give you a letter of authenticity upon request.

We recommend Durango Silver Company of Durango, Colorado USA. Durango Silver Company have been Traders to the Navajo for generations and are very well known for having high quality authentic Native American Turquoise Jewelry from the American Southwest. The owners of Durango Silver Company have mined, collected and cut high quality American Turquoise for over forty years. They have worked with Native American Indians and Jewelry manufactures of the American Southwest for generations.

Check our page on: Native American Hallmarks

Anglo & Mexican/American Turquoise Jewelry

Anglo Americans were instrumental in developing the look of Southwest Silver and Turquoise designs you see today. Indian Traders and Trading Post owners went to Southern California early on to help develop jewelry designs that would be marketable to Californians, this became the first major marketplace for Turquoise Jewelry. The Traders came back to the reservations and gave the initial designs of jewelry to the American Indians to make. Once they developed marketable designs the market opened up and the Turquoise Jewelry industry began.
Turquoise Buckle by John Hartman

Turquoise Jewelry of the American Southwest

Native American Turquoise Jewelry has come a long ways since 1865, the modern styles are timeless and it has become world class. It is collected worldwide by Jewelry connoisseur's and cherished by many. We hope you find a Turquoise treasure for yourself, we are certain it will bring you good luck, happiness and good fortune.

We have many Turquoise Jewelry dealer links on Indian Village in the Business Directory, You can also visit Durango Silver Company where you can find fabulous authentic Turquoise Jewelry made in America.

Native American Jewelry Breaker

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